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Archive for June, 2014

Ways to save on homeowners insurance

Want to save money on your homeowners insurance? From increasing your deductible to stepping up your home security, we’ve got a few suggestions on ways to save without reducing your coverage.

Obama Administration Releases May Housing Scorecard

The Obama Administration released its May Housing Scorecard on June 13, highlighting several positive changes within the housing market. Read our latest blog post for an overview of the Scorecard.

Understanding a home seller’s counteroffer

You’ve made an offer on a home. The seller’s came back with a counteroffer. Now what? In this post we’ll talk about how to handle a counteroffer and the different options you have as a buyer.

10 Happiest Suburbs in America

Have you heard the toe-tapping tune, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams? Apparently there are plenty of pockets across the nation where the hip-hop-rapper’s song has become a mantra. So what factors constitute happiness in terms of location and livability? The real estate analytics firm, Movoto recently published its list of the ten happiest suburbs in the … Continued

New Home Sales Rise 6.4 Percent in April

New home sales got a boost in April, rising 6.4 percent. Existing home sales also saw an increase. This is great news for the housing and mortgage industry!

Most Popular Home Remodeling Jobs

Ever wonder which remodeling jobs are the most popular among homeowners? In our latest blog post, we’ll go over the jobs that are currently trending.