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Archive for November, 2016

10 First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes To Avoid

There are many moving parts to purchasing your first home. Don’t get lost in the commotion by checking out a few common mistakes to avoid! Inspection It is easy to get swept away in the exciting events of buying a home. Do not forget to check the physical house for issues that could cause problems … Continued

How To Choose the Best Realtor

The right realtor will work hard to provide you with the best options, prices, and locations fit to your specific requests. However, the abundance of services available can be overwhelming to search through and choosing the right person can be daunting. Here are some areas to consider when choosing your realtor: Licensing Check online through … Continued

Are you Credit Ready for Home Ownership?

Securing a mortgage means getting your credit score in perfect shape. This one step can save you thousands in the home-buying process and over the course of your loan. Scores below 600 often have more trouble receiving financing and scores 740 and higher will usually receive the best rates as they pose less risk to … Continued