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Archive for July, 2017

Make the Most out of Your Laundry Room

We can all admit doing laundry may be one of the least favorite things anyone wants to do. Even so, there’s no way of getting around it, so why not spruce up your laundry room a bit and make the process more enjoyable. By making your laundry room into a more inviting space and even … Continued

Renovating Your Garage in to a Living Space

It always seems like the garage tends to end up being the part of the house where everything that doesn’t have its own place ends up, which in turn makes it look a bit cluttered and messy. Instead of just throwing things in there and forgetting about them, why not turn your garage into another … Continued

House Hunting Made Easy

When it comes to house hunting we always have a million things running through our minds that we have to consider before even starting our search. To help you through this sometimes tedious, yet exciting, journey, we here at eLEND have put together a video with our top 10 tips that we think will provide … Continued

Getting Your Porch into Shape for Summer

The summer is officially upon us, which means a lot more time spent outside enjoy those beautiful sunny days and warm summer nights. Even though we are reaching July, it doesn’t mean you can’t whip your summer porch into shape to entertain family and friends. Below are some of our favorite renovating hacks that will … Continued