Jumbo Loans

All about our jumbo loans

What are Jumbo Loans?


Jumbo loans are used to finance high value properties where the loan amount exceeds the current conforming loan limit. eLEND offers excellent Jumbo mortgage rates with several program options from which qualified borrowers can choose.

Due to the greater risk level represented by the large loan amounts, Jumbo loans tend to have somewhat higher interest rates when compared to conforming loans.

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Jumbo Program Benefits

  • Affordable financing option for home loans that don’t meet conforming limits
  • Amortized over a 15 year or 30 year term to keep monthly payments low

Available Jumbo Programs

  • Fixed Rate Mortgage – Choose from 15 year fixed jumbo or 30 year fixed jumbo mortgage products

Do I Qualify for a Jumbo Loan?

Qualification requirements will vary depending on which type of jumbo mortgage you apply for, but will be based on several factors including:

  • Credit history and score
  • The amount of income you earn
  • The amount of your other debts
  • How much equity you will have in the property

We understand how difficult it can be to achieve home financing. That’s why we these developed educational tools to help aid in your understanding of the mortgage process: