Spring Home Maintenance Tips

April 7, 2014

Spring is known as a time for new beginnings. Cold dreary winter days that keep us inside also force us to take a good, hard look at our surroundings. When the gorgeous, warmer springtime weather rolls around, it’s only natural that we scurry into action to update and upgrade our surroundings. Of course there are things we want to do, like spruce things up, and then there are things we need to do for the sake of maintaining our homes. Here are a few tips for achieving a little balance between the two: 

Exterior Inspection

Winter weather can be pretty tough on a house. That’s why it’s good to spend a few hours on a nice, sunny day conducting a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior. Check for damaged siding, exposed flashing, mold, mildew, and worn paint. Next, if you can do it safely, examine the roof for missing shingles and see how the gutters held up. When they become full of leaves, pine straw and other debris, they can not drain properly. The debris in turn holds moisture and puts your home in danger of developing a mold or mildew issue-which can cause structural damage and rot. If they are full, clean them out and consider installing gutter guards. 

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Pressure washing is the next best thing to painting a home’s exterior and spring is the right time to do it! In addition to cleaning up brick and siding, it also works especially well for concrete patios and porch steps. And don’t forget the outdoor furniture! Should a little paint pop off after the pressure washing, do not worry. Instead, take care of any touch-up painting or decide if the entire exterior is in need of a fresh coat of paint. 

Landscaped Areas

The winter wind, snow, and ice can really make a mess of a yard. Downed limbs, dead shrubbery, and untidy beds make a home look neglected. When primavera comes to town, it’s time to make a clean sweep with raking, pruning, and weeding (yes, pesky weeds can even grow in freezing weather). For beds that are overgrown with weeds, spreading mulch or pine straw after the weeding’s done is a good idea that looks great and deters future unwanted growth. 

The Lawn

Some homeowners don’t get a good look at their lawns until the spring thaw! With lawns that go dormant during the winter, many homeowners are just happy to put the lawnmower away for a few months. When warm weather arrives, they are often shocked to discover bare spots and brown patches. Spring is the perfect time to address any turf problems. Usually, just sowing grass seed or installing a little sod is all it takes. 

If you have an irrigation system, now is the time to check it. Inspect each sprinkler head for signs of wear and tear. Garden hoses also need a little attention, especially if they have been exposed to freezing temps the last few months. Test them for leaks and cracks. 

Tool Check

Look over your tools to ensure that everything is in good working order. After all, when was the last time you used the weed eater, blower, or lawnmower? You’ll also want to fire up the grill for a test run. Summer is on the way! 


Although it may be out of your area of expertise, if you can not check your home’s pipes, call a plumber. This is a necessary task in parts of the country that experience long months of freezing weather. The expansion/contraction cycle they are forced to go through can wreak havoc on their integrity-and can lead to leaks, mold, mildew, and rot! 

Heating and Air Conditioning System

Regardless of the type of heating and AC system your home uses, it is of vital importance to periodically examine all of its components. Filters should be changed regularly and ductwork should be inspected for any issues. Although the heating system may have gotten a workout recently, July is just around the corner. Go over your HVAC now to avoid being miserable on those sweltering days.

Insulation should also be given a quick look to ensure that it is intact and performing at its best. Add more, if needed and make sure there aren’t any damp areas from leaks that could be coming from the roof and/or around the home’s foundation.

If you have a fireplace or wood stove that experienced heavy use, give it a good cleaning. That means shoveling ashes, vacuuming, scrubbing the inside and cleaning the doors or screen. This will also prevent smoky odors from tainting that fresh spring air. 

Home’s Interior

Speaking of fresh, if your home has been closed up a lot these past few months, why not fling open the doors and windows and air everything out? The blinds, drapes, carpets, and throw rugs will definitely benefit from vacuuming and cleaning. Launder what you can and spot clean the rest. 

Of course, while you’re at it, deep cleaning and spring go hand in hand. Not sure where to start? Check out some tried and true tips for “How to Spring Clean Like a Pro” from Reader’s Digest.

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