Mortgage Servicing Information

Last modified: September 9, 2021

AFR c/o Loan Care

If you received a payment coupon / mortgage statement from either of our payment addresses below, or if your loan is now serviced by AFR c/o Loan Care and you need further assistance, please choose one of the following contact options.

Business Hours
  • Monday - Friday
    8:00 AM - 10:00 PM - EST
  • Saturday
    8:00 AM - 3:00 PM - EST
  • Customer Service
    (855) 207-0502
  • Collection Department
    (800) 909-9525
  • Insurance Department
    (866) 822-0890
  • Insurance Department Fax
    (843) 413-7127
  • Insurance Claim Department
    (866) 822-3434
  • Tax Department Fax
    (904) 366-2010
  • Payoffs Fax
    (866) 637-4748
  • Payoffs Email
  • East Coast Payment Address
    AFR / Loan Care
    P.O. Box 37628
    Philadelphia, PA 19101-0628
  • West Coast Payment Address
    AFR / Loan Care
    P.O. Box 60509
    City of Industry, CA 91716-0509
  • General Inquiries
    P.O. Box 8068
    Virginia Beach, VA 23450
  • Overnight Mail
    AFR / Loan Care
    3637 Sentara Way
    Virginia Beach, VA 23450
  • Customer Website
    Offers 24-hour self-service options for you to manage your account such as online payments, auto draft setup, e-statements, payment history, year-end statements, escrow disbursements, email inquiries, and so forth. The automated tele-voice system offers 24-hour loan information, accepts payments, verify balances, last payment, disbursements, year-end and escrow information, etc.

    Please Note: LoanCare does not accept Credit Cards or Debit Cards as payment methods.

Other Scenarios

For all other scenarios, please contact AFR at 888-432-7147 or click here for a live chat with a representative. The live chat option is only available during normal business hours EST.