More About Our Rates

Last modified: September 9, 2021

eLEND offers a variety of home loan financing solutions to meet the needs of most residential home buyers. On this page, we explain how our personalized rate quotes are calculated, as well as how pricing may be different on 3rd party publishers’ websites. If you have any questions during your research, do not hesitate to give one of our mortgage professionals a call at 800-634-8616.

Using the Rate Quote Form on eLEND.com

After you go through the process of filling out the custom pricing quote request on eLEND.com, our pricing platform will take into consideration the various criteria you enter and return pricing based on that criteria. Please note that we will need to speak with you to make sure that other terms and conditions may not apply. An investment property with commercial space, a high-rise condo, and a property on leased land are just a few examples of scenarios where pricing may be different or properties may be ineligible. We encourage you to speak with a licensed mortgage professional to obtain the most accurate quote possible. As previously mentioned, posted rates do not constitute an offer to lend. All loans are subject to credit approval.

Rates Posted on 3rd Party Publishing Websites

eLEND advertises interest rates, closing costs, and APR information through multiple online and offline advertising outlets. You may have seen us on sites such as Bankrate.com, HSH.com, or Zillow.com to name a few. Each publisher has their own set of pricing criteria which we must adhere to. The criteria for each one may vary slightly which is why you may see different rates advertised in different places. For instance, one website asks us to quote pricing for a $165,000 rate and term refinance for someone with 740 credit while another requires that we post rates applicable to a $200,000 loan for a borrower with a 680 score. We encourage you to review the various publishers’ pricing guidelines to see if you may be eligible to qualify for the posted terms.