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Vacation Home

Finance Your Vacation Home With eLEND

Buying a Vacation Home?

A cottage at the beach, a cabin in the mountains, or a home by the lake. A place to gather with friends and future generations, and to just simply unwind. Who hasn’t dreamed of escaping to that home-away-from-home on weekends and for family vacations. eLEND can help make that dream a reality with affordable vacation home financing.

Coming up with a budget for buying a vacation home involves looking at several different elements. Consider the upfront costs such as the down payment, financing expenses, furnishing and outfitting the home, and any repairs that might be necessary. Ongoing costs will include the monthly principal and interest payment, as well as insurance and real estate taxes. In addition, there will be the expense of utilities, property owners association dues (if applicable), maintenance and repairs, as well as travel to and from the home. Use our Mortgage Calculator to crunch the numbers on how the second home mortgage you’re considering would impact your current budget.

Financing for Your Vacation Home

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