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Explore Home Financing with Less Than Perfect Credit

Concerned that the credit issues you’ve experienced in the past will stand in the way of buying a home? Would you love to refinance into a different loan program or to a mortgage with a lower rate, but you’re afraid your less than perfect credit score will make you ineligible? At eLEND, we have been working with homebuyers and homeowners for over two decades who are thrilled to learn that contrary to what they expected, they have been approved for a home loan.

We are proud to offer a specialty FHA loan program designed just for borrowers who have blemished credit histories and lower credit scores (as low as 620.)

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Some Potential Benefits of this Program

  • Low down payment requirement – or refinance even with little equity.
  • Competitive mortgage rates.
  • Loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration allowing lenders to offer more favorable terms to borrowers.
  • Create home buying and refinance opportunity even for borrowers with less than perfect credit.

Getting Your Credit Score

Consumers are entitled to a free credit report each year (can be requested at annualcreditreport.com) but this free report does not include a score. You can purchase your score from one of the credit reporting agencies, or if you already have your credit report, call eLEND to talk to a professional mortgage consultant.

By reviewing the report together we can likely determine whether it is worth pulling a full report to see whether you might qualify now, or whether you may be better off working to rebuild your credit history for some period of time first.