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Maryland Mobile Home Loans

Maryland Mobile Home Loans, MD Manufactured Home Mortgages

Maryland Mobile Home Financing

At eLEND we are proud to be the trusted source of mobile home financing for home buyers across Maryland. We are committed to offering affordable pricing, efficient processes, and the highest level of professionalism.

Not all mobile homes are the same, and the needs of borrowers will vary greatly from one to the next. Thankfully our home financing professionals have just about seen it all, and are ready for whatever scenario crosses their desks. Whether you are buying a new home on the Eastern Shore and have concerns about protecting your investment from coastal storms, are considering the purchase of an older home and want to be sure it meets the requirements for our Maryland mobile home loan program (an FHA loan product), or are refinancing a remote property and would like to handle as much of the transaction as possible via phone and email, we are here to help!

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