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Mortgage Deals

Mortgage Deals Online

Find great mortgage deals

When you’re looking for the best mortgage deals, comparing all the offers from various mortgage lenders can be confusing, even for experienced borrowers. With so many lenders offering mortgage deals on a wide variety of mortgage programs, it’s hard to know if you’re comparing apples to apples as you evaluate mortgages and home loan rates. Variables like points, closing costs, and the length and terms of the loan make it difficult to judge which mortgage deals best match your needs and serve your financial goals.

That’s where eLEND can help. As a leading mortgage company, we offer expert mortgage consultants to help you explore your options, understand the pros and cons of various mortgage loans, and simplify the mortgage process with clear explanations and helpful insight. When you want to make sure you are getting the best mortgage deals on programs that make sense for your financial situation, eLEND mortgage consultants can provide invaluable assistance.

Get help comparing mortgage deals

Mortgage rates vary a great deal depending on the lender, the type of program and the terms of the loan. Your eLEND mortgage consultant can break down all of the options as you compare mortgage deals to help you choose the program and the home mortgage rates that are most financially advantageous for you.

Your eLEND specialist will work with you to understand your financial situation and goals and help you identify the mortgage deals that best match your objectives. Using the latest technology, your eLEND specialist can help you determine how much house you can afford, calculate mortgage payment scenarios on different mortgage deals, and help you make the best choices in what may be the largest financial decision of your life.

Mortgage deals on a wide range of programs

Whether you’re buying a new home, financing a vacation home or looking for the best way to refinance a home loan, we offer access to a wide range of mortgage deals and programs to meet your needs. These include:

  • Conventional LoansFixed rate mortgages offer a fixed interest rate and consistent payment over the length of the loan, while adjustable rate mortgages provide a low interest rate during an introductory period after which the interest rate is adjusted annually based on certain economic indices.
  • Jumbo LoansJumbo Loans – These mortgages are used to finance higher-priced homes and consequently often have interest rates that are somewhat higher than other programs. PLEASE NOTE: THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.
  • Government-Backed LoansVA loans backed by the Veterans Administration provide attractive financing for veterans and active duty military personnel. USDA Rural Housing Loans provide low-interest and zero-money down options to people in rural parts of the country. And FHA loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration provide low-interest and low-money down mortgages to qualifying individuals.

Learn more about finding the best mortgage deals with eLEND.