Helping A Globe-Trotting Hero Put Down Roots

June 18, 2018

After she graduated from boot camp, Megan’s career as a soldier in the Army took her around the world. To Okinawa. Germany. The Middle East. Texas.

When she finally had enough seniority to request a longer-term post, she knew she wanted to buy a house — so she’d have a home base regardless of where she might get deployed in the future. A place to return to.

But it’s easier said than done on a staff sergeant’s salary.

“I’m so thankful that I learned about down payment assistance programs,” said Megan. “Without one, I would probably still be renting — or living on base.”

Down payment assistance program, or DPAs, allow people in certain professions or situations to buy a home without having to save up a traditional full down payment.

While you still have to meet income, asset and property guidelines associated with the loan you are considering, a DPA (also called a buyer’s grant or credit) can enable prospective homeowners to buy their first home much sooner than expected.

In Megan’s case, a DPA cut the amount she had to save for a down payment nearly in half.

If you qualify and are approved like Megan was, your down payment assistance will be paid in the form of a forgivable grant at the time of closing. “Forgivable” means you don’t have to pay it back, and the loans are available in 20-, 25- and 30-year terms to allow for flexibility. At eLEND, it’s our way of trying to help brave servicemen and servicewomen, like Megan, achieve their dreams of homeownership.

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