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The eLEND Blog

What's Happening In The Mortgage Industry

  • He Said “She Shed”

    Man caves have met their match this year! Introducing the “She Shed”! She Sheds are designed specifically for women. Much like their manly counterparts, She Sheds are intended to let … more

  • 3 Ways to Renovate Your Basement

    Have you been using the basement primarily for storage? Does it look like an underground bunker with tins of food and a collection of sample sized hotel toiletries saved in case of a Zombie … more

  • Celebrate The Big Game, The Right Way

    After all your hard work and saving up, you have finally landed your dream home. What better way to break it in than hosting the ultimate football bash with your family and friends. As a first time … more

  • How to Optimize Your Space for Working at Home

    Gone are the days when most professionals worked a traditional 9 to 5 job, confined to an office or cubicle outside of their home. Working from home offers employees flexible working hours, decreased … more

  • Leaving the Nest: A Millennial Guide

    The percentage of millennials living with their parents is higher than ever. Dropping unemployment rates and rise in median salaries among younger individuals should lead to an increase of those … more

  • Outdoor Improvement Projects that Increase Homeowner Happiness

    A curb appeal makeover can create a pleasing, uplifting space for you and your family to enjoy. It also makes your house inviting to visitors, neighbors, and even potential buyers. According to a new … more

  • 10 First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes To Avoid

    There are many moving parts to purchasing your first home. Don’t get lost in the commotion by checking out a few common mistakes to avoid!


    It is easy to get swept away in the … more

  • How To Choose the Best Realtor

    The right realtor will work hard to provide you with the best options, prices, and locations fit to your specific requests. However, the abundance of services available can be overwhelming to search … more

  • Are you Credit Ready for Home Ownership?

    Securing a mortgage means getting your credit score in perfect shape. This one step can save you thousands in the home-buying process and over the course of your loan. Scores below 600 often have … more

  • Why Buy a House in New Jersey

    New Jersey is a terrific place to live, work, and play. If you're giving some serious thought to relocating to the Garden State, we've got a few enticing details that may provide the extra nudge you … more

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