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Archive for October, 2014 (Page 2)

America’s First Mall Transformed into Micro Housing

The nation’s first enclosed shopping center is being reconstructed to include affordable micro housing. If you’re in Providence and are thinking of taking up the minimalist lifestyle, this could be your dream come true!

Frequently Asked Questions About HARP Refinancing

Curious about the Home Affordable Refinancing Program, otherwise known as HARP? Take a look at our latest blog post for information on HARP eligibility, interest rates and more.

House flipping declines in the U.S.

House flipping in the U.S. isn’t as popular as it used to be. Perhaps it’s because the rock bottom real estate prices we saw a few years ago are now a thing of the past.

What is Adverse Possession?

Adverse possession, otherwise known as squatter’s rights, can make things complicated for homeowners although adverse possession laws can vary greatly between jurisdictions. Read our latest blog post for more information.