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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Home Before School Starts

It’s no secret that the market is sizzling in the summertime. The longer days and warmer temperatures have buyers out and about, so sellers are smart to take advantage (reversely, many buyers shy away from this time of year to avoid the competition). But buyers also enjoy a number of benefits when purchasing a home … Continued

A realtor offers expert tips on what to look for when buying a home

A house is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. With so many variables going into the decision, figuring out what’s most important isn’t always easy. You may not be willing to sacrifice that gourmet kitchen or wrap-around deck you’ve been dreaming of, but what will the trade-offs cost you? We spoke with Eric … Continued

Can’t Find Your Dream Home? Some alternatives for First-Time Homebuyers

It’s not uncommon for first-time home buyers to build up big expectations of finding a “dream home” — a culmination of all their hard work and sensibly-saved earnings. And while it’s called a “dream home” for a reason, it’s not your only — or even necessarily the best — option for your first real estate … Continued

Navigating The Final Steps of the Homebuying Process

Neighborhood research — Check. Pre-approval — Check. Found the perfect home and have an accepted offer (APPLAUSE) — Check. So now what? Sorry to say, but you’ve only gotten through half the battle of the home buying process. In fact, things might start to feel even a bit MORE overwhelming than when you first started … Continued

Your One-Stop Shop for All of Your Mortgage Resource Needs

When it comes to purchasing a home, things can get pretty complicated — and stressful. From trying to find the right mortgage program to figuring out the perfect location and house, there are so many things to consider. Thankfully, eLEND’s interactive resource library can serve as a homebase for all your mortgage questions, especially for … Continued

Helping A Globe-Trotting Hero Put Down Roots

After she graduated from boot camp, Megan’s career as a soldier in the Army took her around the world. To Okinawa. Germany. The Middle East. Texas. When she finally had enough seniority to request a longer-term post, she knew she wanted to buy a house — so she’d have a home base regardless of where … Continued

There’s Nothing Better Than Coming Home To A Place Of Your Own

“Being a cop isn’t much like those detective shows you see on TV. I’d say it’s a lot harder,” said Carl, a five-year veteran of the force. “With a job that can be as stressful as mine, it’s important to have a place to unwind when you’re off duty. When I was renting, I never … Continued

Raising a Few Eyebrows in the Teachers’ Lounge

Teachers have one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet — educating and guiding the next generation. But it’s certainly not the most lucrative profession. After all, money generally isn’t the reason people like Carmen get into — or stay in — education. “After word got out that I bought a home, I had … Continued

How This Firefigher Bought His First Home

Todd always wanted to be a firefighter. So he pursued that goal with everything he had, starting with volunteering as an EMT in high school. After graduating from the academy, he looked for open positions in states close to where he grew up — to be close to family. “After a few years of working … Continued

How The Advantage Program Helped a Nurse Buy Her First Home

Registered nurses are in demand in the US, and also command a very healthy salary on average. But job security and a solid paycheck don’t always add up to instant home ownership. Just ask Jennifer. “I’ll be honest, it was tough to save up a down payment. I moved to this area for the job, … Continued