Fixed Rate Mortgages

What are Fixed Rate Mortgages?

More homebuyers and home owners choose fixed rate mortgages than any other loan type. Their popularity is largely due to the security of the fixed rate and consistent payment. The principal and interest payment will not increase throughout the loan term allowing for easier household financial planning.

eLEND offers several different fixed rate programs, and there is one to fit just about any home buying or refinance scenario. With current mortgage rates low, now could be the best time to secure a loan.

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Benefits of Fixed Rate Mortgages

  • No risk of rate or principal and interest payment increase
  • Equal monthly payments spread out over the loan term keep payments low
  • Available for a wide variety of borrowers and property types

Available Fixed Rate Programs

Do I Qualify for a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

Qualification requirements will vary depending on which type of fixed rate mortgage you apply for, but will be based on several factors including:

  • Credit history and score
  • The amount of income you earn
  • The amount of your other debts
  • How much equity you will have in the property